Black British Lives Matter: A book all should read, particularly white people – The Irish Times

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Lenny Henry. Photograph: Endemol Shine/UKTV
For a while not so long ago, starting from the mid-New Labour years and culminating in the famous “multicultural” opening ceremony of the London Olympics, there was a pervasive sense in the British media that the United Kingdom was, if not quite a post-racial society, at least on the way there. 
Overt racism had become a big no-no, institutions such as the Metropolitan Police and the BBC had performed mea culpas for their respective failings in race relations, and even English football seemed to have scrubbed itself up to a level of respectability unparalleled elsewhere in Europe. The UK was far from perfect, but its attitude towards race was less violent than the United States’ and less obdurate than that of other European countries.
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