Letter: Parents should be worried about issues beyond books – Reading Eagle

Reading “Parents concerned about library books” (Reading Eagle, Nov. 5) made me wonder how many parents are as concerned about what their children read on the internet and see on TV.
We have Facebook and all the problems that have been disclosed lately about how harmful some posts are for children.
Then there’s Tik-Tok and YouTube.
Also there is pornography that is accessible on the internet along with games that show people killing in the name of a fun time.
You can find out how to construct a ghost gun and perhaps even purchase one online. You can find out how to build a bomb should the need arise.
And there are plenty of TV commercials and programs that should not be playing in the hours when children are watching.
And the list goes on, but you don’t hear parents complaining about these things.
Of course I’m not sure parents even attempt to find out what their children are doing when online. When kids are online it keeps them busy and out of their parents’ hair.
Susan Miller
Spring Township
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