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Bands from across the county come together and play original music during the ‘Space Coast Music Fest’ on Nov. 6, in downtown Eau Gallie.

Bands from across the county come together and play original music during the ‘Space Coast Music Fest’ on Nov. 6, in downtown Eau Gallie.
BREVARD COUNTY – On Saturday, November 6th, Harbor City Local and its sponsors held the biggest live music expo the Eau Gallie Arts District has ever seen. The weather had cooled, and the stage was set for the second annual Space Coast Music Fest to be held to a crowd of thousands, with a collection of vendors lined up across downtown Eau Gallie and with over 90 music acts booked.
The stages listed were, The Against the Grain stage, Intercoastal stage, Wickham Park Music stage, Island Root Kava Stage, Iron OakDeep Six stage, Pineapple’s stage, and The Groove Shack stage. All were named for their sponsors, and all active supporters of the local music scene. Unlike most large festivals, each stage had assigned a unique and diverse line-up, tightly scheduled with each act. Where the genre of one act can shift wildly with the subsequent one.
This diverse portal into the music scene was intentional. Festival organizers Steve Keller and Steven Spencer commented that the idea was to keep folks moving around to different stages. Each one was unique in its presentation to catch a diverse audience as attendees navigated from stage to stage. The hope was to have someone stop at one to see a favored group but then stay afterward for the next act, which hopefully would expose them to a genre they normally might not go out to see.
The preparation for the festival was started long before the sun came up, with volunteers getting up at the crack of dawn, loading up on coffee, and beginning the stage construction process. Afterward came the sound gear including the donated instrument gear (all donated by the bands themselves). Then, of course, the last-minute mad rush to complete everything before the projects start time of each stage. Music festivals are a monumental task to accomplish and it’s only through the strength of the crews working these events that they can be successful.
None of this was more presented in the skill and professionalism of the audio team running sound at the event. Local business and legends Rez-Pro Productions ran the audio on all the stages and were the secret heroes. Due to the diversity of music styles the setup for each act could range wildly per set, and with only a 15 min teardown and setup time they had their work cut out for them. It’s not easy, but Rez-Pro kept everything on time and running by being the best at their craft and transitioning smoothly for each act.
Even though the event was presented as a music event there was plenty of activities not specifically related to music. Throughout the day there were BMX bike stunts, food trucks, and booths showing off art and oddities. The organizers worked hard to create an event to draw in all kinds of visitors and delivered them in abundance. There was even an art auction including the original painting crafted for the yearly local music compilation “Harbor City Vol.3” designed and painted by local artist Casey Gardner. All money went to charity to buy instruments for local schools.
The day turned into night, the temperature dropped, but people did not leave. More people, enjoying the cool weather, came out to see the closing acts. The three largest stages had headliners consisting of Withering Earth (Deep 6), Casket Culture (Kava), and Kristen Warren (Against the Grain). All of which put on amazing shows and wrapped the night up nicely.
Afterward, the crowd had the option to retire to one of the many after-parties being presented. The after-parties contained acts that couldn’t be fit into the main bill but were still able to be a part of it by carrying on the event into the wee hours of the night. Downtown venues like Pineapples and Causeway records hosted with a more relaxed atmosphere that ranged from acoustic acts to EDM keeping the party going.
Though drastically different in music style, each act had one common trait, all are local to the Space Coast. As one walked the festival, enjoying the music, taking in the sights, watching the acts perform, you wouldn’t have been surprised to notice that the person performing on stage is the mechanic who worked on your car last week, or the barista that served you coffee this morning, or tech that fixed your AC unit. For this one day, their mundane day-to-day lives were on hold to allow a moment of euphoria as they got to not only present their music to a large crowd but got to feel like a rock star for a day.
The heart of the festival, the area where this event shines is that in a world where fame and acknowledgment are not common. Space Coast Music Festival is a tower that we as a community built, that ranges far from the musical acts that are only a small part of it. From artists and music prompters to the venues that support it to visionaries like Harbor City Local. It proves that although it only takes a few to build a city, it does take everyone to give it life and help it to continue to breathe.
Bands from across the county come together and play original music during the ‘Space Coast Music Fest’ on Nov. 6, in downtown Eau Gallie.
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