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Readers also shared thoughts about how deforestation affect the environment
There are so many unique ways artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are used to impact our everyday lives (“Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are the major investment trends that will define the decade”, Gulf News, August 10). From driverless cars to voice automated home equipment, artificial intelligence has progressed rapidly. As a result, top technology companies are in a race to implement artificial intelligence in our day-to-day lives. Even in the medical field, it is so advanced that people can achieve quick results. But, also, just like any other thing, as these technologies advance, it raises concerns about their possible negative impacts on jobs, personal privacy, society, economy, and so on. The effects could be even more pronounced in wealthy industrialised nations, such as the United States and Germany, where researchers expect that up to one-third of the workforce will be affected. But, with appropriate safeguards, we can ensure that AI systems are adaptable. Since the possibilities of AI are endless and the world is revolutionising many sectors through artificial intelligence, we need to utilise it properly.
From Mr Hari Shankar
Almost two years ago, people lived under stress; everyone was confused about what to do and what not to (“Climate, COVID-19 and economy top G20 agenda at Rome summit”, Gulf News, October 30). COVID-19 has affected our lives in such a way that there was no escape from the harsh reality. People followed protocols to stay healthy. In one way or another, everyone got used to the fact that the COVID-19 situation was inevitable. Even after so much mental trauma, people held their hopes high. Hoped to survive. Everyone was worried about going out, even if it was to buy essentials. Across the world, cities had to face lockdowns, or people had to self-isolate. As a human race, we face climate change, wars, conflicts between nations, and whatnot. At times I feel sad and pathetic because we are the reason for all these. No one doubts that COVID-19 is one of the most terrifying threats the world has ever faced. But at these times, only togetherness gives some light of hope. Amidst the pain, we continue to survive, and we should find comfort in every way possible. The stories of hope and solidarity encourage us to emerge from the current situation. I am sure every nation is doing its best to come out of the vicious circle and has steady growth in all aspects, which eventually will benefit people.
From Ms Ramachandran
How often do you read books? (“Sharjah International Book Fair: There’s always a right book”, Gulf News, November 03) By books, I mean physical books, not digital copies. Reading books is an excellent habit. Many people prefer to read those books which are motivating and have real-life content. When my friends were eager to buy online games, I was excited to purchase books. Reading a good book is like falling in love. Unpredictable. Exhilarating. You see words on a page that magically transform into worlds and people and voices. You step into imagination and forget that anything exists outside of it and the book in your hand. No matter what occurs, I know books will comfort and tell me that I am never truly alone. I am a happy book addict for those reasons. The mere presence of a book in my hands makes me happy. Reading takes me on a roller coaster ride of emotions, fills me with the hope that the world is not as dull as it seems. When I finish a good book, I’m usually a little upset because the experience is now over. I sometimes read through days and nights, and at other times I won’t even look at any book. But when I read a book, the world around me changes completely, and I feel so absorbed in it. In my opinion, start reading a book without any expectations is the best way to read any book, and it is what keeps me reading till the end. Reading is a spiritual experience for me.
From Mr Dhaneesh
Ajman, UAE
Forests are among our planet’s most substantial human life-supporting ecosystems (“World leaders vow to end deforestation by 2030”, Gulf News, November 03). Unfortunately, persistent deforestation and forest degradation cause a considerable amount of carbon dioxide emissions. I cannot imagine a world without trees. Can you? At the current rate of cutting down trees and plants, we will soon harm biodiversity. That’s where we are heading to. According to studies, seventy per cent of the Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. Deforestation causes loss of habitat for animals. Human being depending on these animals also suffer. You might be thinking, “But, I can’t do anything to stop it. So, why should I bother?”
You can help lessen the impact of deforestation on the planet. Small, simple tasks such as recycling can make a difference. Don’t waste or buy excess paper products. Try to eat less meat. Less meat means less land cleared for farm animals. Even doing just one of these things will help. It is disturbing that we have already lost many plants and animals due to climate change and deforestation. If it continues like this, I’m sure the Earth won’t be a habitable planet.
From Mr Louis Mathew

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