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Get ready to call a ski lift your best friend.
The Riders Republic trophy list is mostly full of tasks asking the player to complete a certain number of tasks, get far enough in each sports career path, or participate in enough races.
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There are a few trophies on the list that have a little more nuance to them than just completing events. One such trophy is “One for the record books”, which tasks the player with completing a trick combo that totals 75,000 points.
That essentially means that from the time you jump, you need to combo enough tricks to earn over 75,000 points before landing. That can include grinds as well. Although this is certainly doable after enough time and experience with Riders, there’s one specific location in the game that makes this trophy a breeze.
Head over to Mammoth Mountain and go West, close to the edge of the map. You’ll find a Stunt called “Lift Descent”, which will task you with grinding down the rails of a stunt lift. The actual event will have you jumping between checkpoints, but for this trophy, you’ll want to start the Stunt and simply stay on one of the rails until the end. You technically don't need to do the Stunt to get to the ski lift and grind it, but it acts as a good guide.
If you’ve tried to complete any of the trick races in Riders, you’ll know that grinds are the best way of earning points, and that’s something we’re going to take advantage of here. The Stunt will start you off by guiding you down a mountain towards the lift. As soon as you reach the lift, jump and hit the wire to start grinding on it.
After this, all you need to do is stand still and ride the rail all the way down to where it ends. Although this will cause the Stunt to fail, as you’re supposed to be hitting checkpoints, getting to the bottom after grinding the rail for that long will guarantee you more than 75,000 points and cause the trophy to pop. No really, that's why I failed the event. Either way, you can always retry the Stunt after to finish it off.
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