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Nov 10, 2021
On Monday, Nov. 15, at 7:30 p.m., the Randolph County Community Arts Center will host a reading by Robert McCutcheon from his recently published collection of short stories, Suffer the Children.
Throughout his career as professor at D&E, McCutcheon tried to refute a discouraging claim he once heard, that everyone is either a reader or a writer, but not both.
“Teaching at a small college was a blessing for me in that I could, in fact had to, teach a number of subjects, from Shakespeare to Greek to the Bible,” McCutcheon explains. “As a result, my own education continued. I spent all my time reading up on topics I would have to be an expert on the next morning.”
When he had a chance, though, he wrote. He began this series of stories just before he retired four years ago and soon fell into a creative routine. That is not the oxymoron it seems: most authors keep to a daily schedule. Inspiration has to arrive on schedule. He broke his regimen occasionally with mission trips to Kenya, including two semesters as visiting professor at the Presbyterian University of East Africa.
“Like many writers, I see the practice as devotional. At D&E I taught a course with the usefully ambiguous title Faith in Literature. That is, we explored the treatment of religious themes in fiction and poetry and also asked what trust we could put in language. This approach fit perfectly the Presbyterian Christian humanist tradition of D&E. John Calvin spoke of common grace: knowledge of the divine conveyed in everyday life, just the sort of observation that fiction makes. Literature can reflect God’s creation even when it is not openly theological.”
In that vein, the stories in Suffer the Children chronicle the conflicts of faith encountered by the baby-boomer generation.
The event is free and open to the public.
“A caveat: there will be money-changing in the temple,” said McCutcheon. “Books will be for sale.”
For additional information contact The Arts Center office at 304-637-2355, or visit our website
The Randolph County Community Arts Center is committed to the accommodation of all persons with disabilities. Specially-designated parking spaces are conveniently located behind the office, facing Elkins City Park. For more information or to inquire about accessibility options we provide, please contact us at 304-637-2355.
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