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Though it seems Iron Man and Captain America are always fighting, they’re among the best friendships on the Avengers in Marvel Comics.
In the MCU, it seems like the Avengers are always fighting each other. This is often the case in Marvel Comics as well, but the truth is most of the Avengers are friends and some of them are the best of friends. Over the nearly 60-year history of the team, many characters have forged strong bonds that endure through disagreements and sometimes outright conflict.
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Some of the best friendships among the Avengers have translated into the MCU, like Black Widow and Hawkeye, but a fair number of them have yet to appear in live-action. Comic book readers know that some of the strongest relationships on the Avengers are likely just over the horizon in the MCU.
Hawkeye has many great weapons in Marvel Comics, but one of his greatest assets is his friendship with Black Widow. The two have been close since their earliest days in Marvel Comics and have had a profound effect on the other. Black Widow partnered up with Hawkeye not long after some of his earliest battles with Iron Man, pulling him out of a life of crime.
He then was key in helping Natasha defect from Russia and eventually become a superhero and Avenger. They’ve been close allies and friends ever since.
A great Avengers friendship that has yet to manifest in the MCU but may soon be is the one between Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew, one of the best alternate versions of Spider-Woman in Marvel Comics. The two have been close since their time as Avengers in the early 80s when Carol was Ms. Marvel.
Spider-Woman helped her recover after the devastating attack by Rogue that left both women irrevocably changed. Carol has also been there with her friend through her own struggles and successes, like the birth of her child.
The Wasp and She-Hulk have been very close from Jennifer Walter’s earliest days on the Avengers. Janet Van Dyne actually created She-Hulk’s iconic purple Avengers costume from one of her own outfits. The two always had each other’s backs, even when Jennifer eventually transferred over to the Fantastic Four.
She was deeply hurt when Janet was severely injured in the events of Avengers: Disassembled in the early 2000s. She-Hulk struggled to forgive the Scarlet Witch when she left Janet in a coma during her rampage against the Avengers.
The friendship between Captain America and Hawkeye is barely there in the MCU, but it is significant in the comics. Captain America’s faith and trust in Hawkeye led to his becoming an Avenger in Avengers #16, and eventually the leader of the team.
Steve Rogers trained Hawkeye in a number of fighting styles, helping to make him one of the best Marvel martial artists. Years later, when it seemed Captain America had been assassinated, Hawkeye actually took up his shield and costume for a time, as one of the few people who could.
Comic book fans know there’s a lot to know about Sersi and the Black Knight’s romance, but the two, more than anything, are friends. The two shared a mental link for a long time that gave them access to each other’s private thoughts. This created an intimacy between them that went beyond simple romance.
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Though their romance didn’t last, the two remained friends and allies after their split, working together to help others, especially after most of the Avengers seemed to have died in The Onslaught Saga from the mid-90s.
The Vision and the Scarlet Witch are well known in the comics and the MCU as lovers, but the foundation of their relationship is a deep friendship. That connection persists despite their many ups and downs in both mediums.
The Vision has always cared for Wanda despite the fact they have not been together in the comics for many years now. His validation of her as a person and hero was huge for Wanda, and her treating him with dignity and respect as any other person was instrumental in his growth as a sentient being.
Captain America and Iron Man have been mostly contentious in their relationship in the MCU, and they’ve had their battles in the comics as well, most notably in Civil War. But for the most part, the two Avengers are actually close friends.
They’ve been supportive of each other through the years, and Captain America even dropped everything to go looking for his friend when Tomy’s alcoholism got the better of him back in Iron Man #172. It was a powerful moment of how deep their bond actually is.
Luke Cage and Iron Fist are one of the greatest duos in Marvel Comics in their own right, but thanks to the fact both have been members of the Avengers, their friendship is one of the team’s best. These two best friends have vastly different personalities, but they complement each other very well.
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The streetwise Luke Cage and privileged Danny Rand bring vastly different experiences to their relationship, helping each other see the world in different ways. Their mutual commitment to always do what’s right has made them perpetual teammates and in many ways, family.
Jessica Jones marries Luke Cage in the comics, but in many respects, her best friend might be Carol Danvers. They are very supportive of each other and keep close even when they’re both in and out of the Avengers.
The friendship began when Carol saved Jessica’s life after she was sent to kill the Avengers by her nemesis, Killgrave. Carol’s belief in Jessica helps her in some way escape the mental thrall of Killgrave. Jessica has returned the favor, supporting Carol as she has evolved into her Captain Marvel identity with even greater power.
One of the greatest friendships in all comics exists between Captain America and The Falcon. Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson have been friends and allies from virtually the moment they met in Captain America #117, and have supported each other through thick and thin.
The most obvious example of their close bond is when Sam took over the role of Captain America for Rogers following his unexpected and dramatic aging, but Steve Rogers has been there for Sam as well. He helped Sam overcome the mental coercion of the Red Skull and supported him when Sam initially turned down a spot on the Avengers.
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