Twin Falls elementary school receives award to buy new books – KMVT

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) —The students and staff at Oregon Trail Elementary in Twin Falls received an award Monday afternoon that will help kids develop a love for reading for years to come.
When a group of fifth-graders entered their school library they thought they would be doing a school project, but they soon saw something different was planned, with a big check.
The school was awarded a $3,000 check through the Idaho Lottery and Idaho Commission for Libraries Bucks for Books program
This year the program will offer more than $100,000 in awards to support elementary school libraries. Of the 39 recipients, nine are in the Magic Valley.
“The mission of Bucks for Books is to put more books in Idaho public school libraries. We found out a couple of years ago the average budget of an elementary school library is $100,” said Idaho Lottery Interactive Marketing Specialist Michelle Puccinelli.
School librarian Rachael Christiansen said the money is very much needed, as her budget is about $800. She said some of her books are old and out of date, and she would also like to buy some of the newer non-fiction books for the kids.
“I think being a Title 1 school we have a decent amount of kids who are lower-income so they don’t have access to quite as many books as some kids might,” Christiansen said,
During the award presentation, the school received some new books that the kids were very excited about. Christiansen said her library does have some online resources, but nothing compares to kids being able to pick up and read a book.
“There just seems to be more excitement when they have the physical book in their hands,” Christiansen said.
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