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Author Kim Sherwood announces that she is writing a new trilogy of James Bond novels that will expand the 007 universe with a “feminist perspective.”
Author Kim Sherwood is writing a new trilogy of James Bond novels that will expand the 007 universe. The suave spy first appeared in 1953 with the publication of Casino Royale by writer Ian Fleming. Since then, the legacy of James Bond has only grown, with Fleming writing fourteen books in total before other novelists took up the mantle. 007 also has a massive movie franchise that spans 25 movies and nearly six decades. Over the years, several actors played James Bond, yet 007 remained a staple of Hollywood spy thrillers.
Daniel Craig is the latest actor to take on the role, which he first played in 2006’s Casino RoyaleNo Time to Die marked his final installment in the franchise, leaving many to wonder how the series will continue now that the films have killed off James Bond. There have been many rumors of a woman taking over the role, but producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have revealed they won’t even start talking about recasting Bond until next year. The end credits of No Time to Die confirmed James Bond will return, but it looks like the universe is expanding before the next movie is released.
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Via BBCSherwood is set to write a new trilogy of Bond novels, making her the first female author to write an addition to the book series. Despite being in the James Bond universe, the books will not focus on the famous secret agent, instead opting to introduce a new group of 00 agents after Bond goes missing. With a focus on a “feminist perspective,” the first book in Sherwood’s trilogy is set to release in September 2022.
Even though Bond won’t be a main focus in the books, Sherwood is bringing back fan-favorite characters like Ms. Moneypenny and the head of MI6, M. Sherwood is interested in expanding more background characters as well, saying her books will contain an “ensemble cast of heroes who we can all identify with.” Based on what has just been announced, it’s unknown if James Bond will have a more prominent role in the next two books.
With the next Bond film being several years away, it is reassuring that the franchise is continuing in some way. A new trilogy of books may not be able to replace seeing an action blockbuster on the big screen, but it should tie fans over until there are more concrete details on Bond 26. That being said, perhaps Sherwood’s feminist-driven novels are just the bit of inspiration the series needs to usher in a new era of James Bond.
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Source: BBC