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Dexter novelist Jeff Lindsay has praised the upcoming revival miniseries Dexter: New Blood, ahead of its release, after attending exclusive screening.
Dexter novelist Jeff Lindsay has praised the series revival Dexter: New Blood in the build-up to its release. The original Dexter was first released in October 2006 on cable network Showtime, and ran for eight seasons and a total of 96 episodes. Set in Miami, the crime-drama show focuses on forensic blood spatter analyst Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall, who works for the Miami-Metro Police Department, and moonlights as a vigilante serial killer. The show received widespread critical acclaim, and the series finale had the largest overall audience in Showtime’s history. Winning myriad awards over the course of its run, Dexter was a hugely successful show, and lead actor Hall earned a Primetime Emmy nomination, as well as winning a Golden Globe Award in 2010 for his performance. Dexter aired its deeply polarizing season 8 finale in September 2013, with many opposed to the direction it took as well as the unsatisfying nature of the story and the character’s journey.
In an era where shows and movies are being rebooted and remade, there is always scope to revisit popular and successful shows. The popularity of Dexter combined with the controversial nature of the ending led many to call for the show to be revisited over the years. Now, Showtime is doing just that with the revival follow-up show Dexter: New Blood on November 7, 2021, after having spent some years considering the idea of launching a Dexter reboot series. The eight episode miniseries will be set a decade after the original finale, and sees the character of Dexter living in New York under an assumed identity, trying to suppress his killing urges. The exact details of the show remain unclear for now, but it is known that Dexter’s son Harrison will play a prevalent role in New Blood in some capacity.
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And Dexter novelist Lindsay, whose books the original show is based on, has weighed in with his thoughts. Taking to social media, the Miami native mentioned how he had just returned from a screening of Dexter: New Blood, and how much he loved it, talking about how well the show had evolved. Read Lindsay‘s tweet below to see his thoughts:
Just got back from screening of DEXTER: NEW BLOOD and all i can say is — wow. They nailed it. Caught the spirit — and evolved it. You’re gonna love it. I sure did…
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American playwright and crime novelist Lindsay began his writing career in 1994, penning four novels between 1994 and 1998, before the first novel in his Dexter series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, was published in 2004. There have been eight published novels in the series, which spanned from 2004, until the final novel in the series, Dexter is Dead, which was published in 2015. The first season of the show was based on the first novel, and later seasons took inspiration from subsequent novels, but also included original plots and storylines. Lindsay even had a cameo in Dexter season 3, episode 10. In addition to the novels, Lindsay has also penned a comic book version of Dexter, distributed by Marvel Comics, which consists of two mini-series, Dexter and Dexter: Down Under.
Whether or not the 69-year-old author has had any input into the creative process for Dexter: New Blood is unclear at this stage, but the fact that he was given an early screening suggests that Showtime may value him as a consultant on the show, or may just have been showing respect as his work played such a key role in the success of the original Dexter. The hope may also be that his comments may calm any fears some may still have about the show’s return in general. Since Dexter didn’t leave off on a strong note, some viewers are likely hesitant to check out New Blood at all, but some assurances from the author could be enough to mitigate those concerns. Audiences can find out for themselves how Dexter: New Blood stacks up when the revival starts airing on Showtime this month.
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