Belfast husband, wife poets to read from new books, Nov. 13 –

BELFAST — Local Color Gallery will host a book launch for Belfast poets Leslie and Tom Moore on Saturday, November 13, from 2 – 5 p.m.
The Moores will read poems at 3 p.m., and will sign books. Masks are required.
Leslie is a member of Belfast’s Wheelbarrow School of Poetry and an artist at Local Color Gallery.
Her What Rough Beasts is a beguiling bestiary of poems and prints, ‘a perfect mélange of art and language,’ writes Kristen Lindquist,” said Local Color, in a news release.
Stones is Tom’s fifth book of poetry. He is a former Belfast Poet Laureate, founder of the Wheelbarrow School of Poetry, and a Pushcart Prize winner.
“This collection continues Moore’s lifelong celebration of the mesmerizing beauty of our workaday world,” writes Judy Kaber, current Belfast Poet Laureate, in the release.
Books will be for sale courtesy of Littoral Books and Moon Pie Press.
Local Color Gallery, 135 High Street, Belfast, 207-218-1249.
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