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Posted at 1:15 pm November 2, 2021
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The AT&T Foundation has donated $10,000 to Roane State Foundation to provide “last dollar” scholarships for minority and underserved students, a press release said.
“We are grateful to AT&T and its continued support of public higher education and our students, who will benefit greatly from the company’s generosity,” said Chris Whaley, president of Roane State Community College. “Our students have many financial needs aside from the cost of tuition and this support will help them on their path to higher education.”
The donation is part of the AT&T Foundation’s $130,000 gift to the Foundation for the College System of Tennessee, the press release said. Funding has been divided equally among Tennessee’s 13 community colleges to support students across the state.
“AT&T is focused on developing a 21st century workforce that can promote continued prosperity and a stronger economy across Tennessee,” said AT&T Tennessee President Joelle Phillips. “We are excited to continue our support of Roane State Community College to help more students gain the education necessary to compete for quality job opportunities and to empower more students to reach their highest potential.”
While Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect provide tuition-free access to the state’s community colleges, gaps remain that can create a barrier to entry for some students. The AT&T Last Dollar scholarships will aid students with cost of attendance items such as books, childcare, transportation, and additional costs associated with attending college that aren’t covered by other financial aid programs once tuition is paid.
“Roane State is a life-changing institution preparing students young and old to enter the workforce,” said Senator Ken Yager. “Thanks to their commitment to quality education, Tennessee has a first-class workforce ready to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving 21st century economy.”
“We have worked hard to create a climate that is welcoming of new business, which can be seen in the record growth Tennessee is experiencing,” said Representative Kent Calfee. “With this growth comes the need for a high-skill workforce and through programs like those offered at Roane State, graduates will be prepared to succeed in a modern workplace.”
“Success in higher education is critical for Tennessee’s long-term growth and potential,” said Rep. Ron Travis. “Thanks to the programs offered at Roane State, students receive the real-world training and education that is required to help Tennessee increase our supply of workers for today’s economy.”
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