Read-With-Me Books Publishes New Illustrated Book 'I'll Go Rhythm' That Takes a Child's Look at the Complicated World of Social Media Algorithms – Yahoo Finance

Algorithm, meet Charlie.
SEATTLE, Nov. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Journey down the rabbit hole of the internet through the eyes of Charlie, a creative kid who loves to play drums and hang out with friends. Charlie meets AL, an algorithm who can promise Charlie everything and anything, but at what cost? Follow Charlie on a path of self-discovery and the realization that the online world isn't always what it's cracked up to be….
This is the debut book for publisher Read-With-Me Books and author Justin Webb, who dreamed up the story during a long run through the winding trails surrounding his home in Middle Tennessee. "I hope this book helps parents like me who struggle with finding the right balance between the many screens that are omnipresent in our kids' lives and having rich, full lives full of family, friends and real-life adventures. At it's core, 'I'll Go Rhythm' explains the importance of not basing your own self-worth on your online presence and is a good reminder of the importance of spending real time having real conversations with the ones you love."
This is illustrator Kayla Stark's sixth illustrated children's book. For "I'll Go Rhythm" she experimented with using a combination of cut paper and acrylic paint on watercolor paper. Texture and shape are prominent in the illustrations as is the exploration and elevation of a simpler, more childlike illustration style. Among her previous titles are "Friends at the Firehouse", "Mr. Rat Pack Really Wants That", "Trying Again (My Feelings, My Choices)", "Bread for Words: A Frederick Douglas Story" and "The Fox and the Crow".
The hardcover edition of "I'll Go Rhythm" is available for immediate purchase on Amazon or local booksellers and at; the electronic version is available on Amazon, Apple, Google and other major e-book retailers.
For a complimentary hardcover or electronic copy of the full book to review/feature, contact us at [email protected]
Read-With-Me Books is dedicated to providing interesting materials for adults and kids to enjoy reading together and learning the power of the printed word while spending quality time learning the power of personal connections.
Press Contact: Jerome Baker 904-710-9816
Read-With-Me Books, 2015 2nd Avenue, Suite 2505, Seattle, WA 98121
833-RWITHME (833-794-8463) * [email protected] *

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Book Cover for "I'll Go Rhythm"

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