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Kindle ebooks and physical books have their own benefits. Here are the situations where you should choose one over another.
Both physical books and ebooks have their merits. If you utilize both formats, you’ll get a satisfying reading experience for most situations.
But when should you pick up a Kindle book, and when it is the right time for you to read a physical book instead? Let’s find out.
The Kindle, amongst other e-readers, offers a unique experience with some great benefits. Let’s look at when you should favor a Kindle reading experience.
Every day, the Kindle Store is packed with different deals and sales, offering huge discounts across multiple genres of books. On the left-hand side, under Popular in Kindle, you should see a section called Kindle Book Deals.
Here, you’ll be able to scroll through the hundreds of deals available, with limited daily deals, $0.99 deals, special offers, and more. What’s great is that you can also subscribe to these deals, with fresh new daily deals being sent to your inbox.
The deals on the Kindle Store are a great way to dive into both books you’ve never heard of and titles on your reading list. On top of that, there are some great places where you can find free books for your Kindle.
Kindle Unlimited is a books-for-subscription service that gives you access to over 2 million titles and thousands of audiobooks for a monthly price of $9.99.
Though the quality of books on Kindle Unlimited can vary, the sheer amount of books means that you’ll always find something that catches your eye. And with millions of books being available, it doesn’t really sound like you could run out of things to read.
Kindle Unlimited can be a great way to let your reading take off. And at the time of writing, there’s a free 30-day trial for new Kindle Unlimited customers, which you can cancel anytime.
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Kindle books are a great way to save up on space and allow you to store thousands of books on your e-reader.
This is perfect if you’re traveling, as you can free up luggage space without leaving any books behind. You can even put your Kindle in your coat pocket to easily access and replace it while on holiday and when waiting at stations and airports, which is quicker than sorting through your luggage to find a physical book.
A Kindle is a great device to take with you on your travels—you don’t have to leave any books at home, you can pack more things to take with you or return with, and you can easily access it.
The Kindle’s front light is perfect for nighttime reading, illuminating your book without the need for external light and without disrupting your sleep schedule.
While you’re still looking at a screen, the Kindle’s front light is different from phone, TV, and laptop screens; the Kindle gives you a soft-white light that doesn’t keep you awake unnaturally, unlike the blue light emitting from those devices which does.
If you love to read at night but find that having a lamp on can disturb others or yourself, or find it hard to get comfortable reading a physical book in bed at night, reading on a Kindle could be your solution.
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Reading in the bath can be an incredibly relaxing and pleasant experience, but you always run the risk of water damage by splashing water or accidentally dropping your book in the bath.
Luckily, the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about any splashes or drops while in the bath, or if you’re reading by a pool.
Water damage can quickly ruin electronic devices—let alone something like a paperback—if they aren’t waterproof, so while it unlikely you’re prone to dropping your Kindle in the bath, it’s one less worry when you’re reading.
The Kindle is a great device to read without distractions, yet it has some features that can enhance your reading experience.
You can easily look up word definitions on your Kindle on the fly, translate words, and learn more about your chosen book with the Kindle’s X-Ray feature.
Though it’s not available with every book, the Kindle’s X-Ray feature is a free addition that gives you more of an insight into the characters, locations, and events in that book, which is perfect if you’re looking to get more out of your reading experience.
The Kindle’s extra features are unobtrusive and intuitive; you can ignore them if you like, but they’re just a tap away whenever you feel like getting a deeper insight into your book.
While Kindle books are great, physical books should also have their place in your reading library. Here’s why a physical book could be perfect for your next reading experience.
Physical books come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. This variety can lead to some unique and beautiful-looking books that make for a wonderful collector’s edition.
Kindle books aren’t as special in this regard because they’re essentially all the same, in terms of format and presentation. With Kindle books, you will miss vibrant illustrations, beautiful covers, and other details that an ebook just can’t replicate.
Beautifully bound and crafted versions of your favorite books can make reading that much more engaging and special, and it’s an attribute that physical books will never lose.
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Loaning ebooks is tricker than you think and isn’t really possible for most books. Sure, Amazon says that you can lend Kindle books, stating that eligible titles can be loaned for up to 14 days to friends or family.
This would be great, if more than a very small amount of books were eligible. As it stands, it’s very likely that whatever Kindle book you want to loan to a friend or family member isn’t eligible to be loaned.
Loaning a physical book is much less difficult. You simply give the other person your book. There’s no one-time license when you buy a book, meaning what you buy is yours to do with as you please, and you can sell your book, something you can’t do with ebooks.
There’s something special and unique about reading a physical book, and reading one will often engage multiple senses.
Unlike reading an ebook, you’re feeling the material of the covers and pages, hearing each satisfying page-turn, visually taking in both the words but also the materials, illustrations, progress, colors, and craftsmanship of a physical book.
You’re also completely zoned in on reading and not looking at yet another screen. Despite its nifty features and stats, you could still find yourself constantly checking things whilst reading your Kindle, even if they aren’t exactly your emails or WhatsApp messages. With a physical book, however, it’s all about the book—in every aspect.
Each physical book you’ll read will leave some sort of lasting impression in a way an ebook might not achieve.
Though there are times when one might win over the other, both Kindle and physical books should have a place in your reading library. Each offers unique positives and, if you use both formats, you’ll find that they complement each other wonderfully.
So, whether you decide to download a Kindle daily deal or set your eyes on a beautiful hardback, be sure to make use of both Kindle and physical books.
There’s pressure to choose just one format, but if you enjoy reading, there’s no reason not to read a combination of the two.
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