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The Florida Keys had a special way to celebrate Halloween over the weekend… an underwater pumpkin carving contest! With their favorite marine creatures in mind a creative group of scuba divers faced off, submerged 30-feet beneath waves off of Key Largo. Underwater artists of all ages used dive knives and fine carving tools to transform their orange gourds. The real challenge: keeping the hollow, naturally buoyant pumpkins from floating off while they carved their critters. Chicago, Illinois, resident Dan Eidsmoe won over the judges with his shark-tastic cutout, complete with strobe light. Other standout entries included an octopus, airplane, jellyfish, hearts and traditional toothy grins.
Some students in Bristol, Tennessee got a special delivery on last week from a pack horse librarian. All the first graders in the city got a delivery of “That Book Woman.” “That Book Woman” is a children’s book that the schools say honor pack horse librarians. Pack horse librarians would ride on horseback to rural communities in the Appalachian Mountains, delivering books for children to read. The kids at Avoca Elementary School got a special treat. Their books were delivered by their own librarian on horseback.
A motorbike that flies was unveiled at a race circuit in central Japan. With six propellers powered by an engine and a motor, the vehicle is said to be the world’s first flying motorcycle. The 12-foot long machine can fly up to ten feet high and move at a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour. It can stay in the air for as long as about 40 minutes. A Tokyo company began developing the flying motorbike in 2017. The firm is taking orders for 200 units, and the price tag is $680,000 each. The developer hopes to enable the vehicle to navigate on public roads in the future.
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WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government will require companies with at least 100 workers to provide paid time off for employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and paid sick leave to recover from effects of the shots, a Biden administration official said Monday.
Those requirements will be part of a pending federal rule that will spell out how large employers will meet a requirement that workers be vaccinated or tested regularly for the virus.
DALLAS (AP) — American Airlines struggled to fix its operation but still canceled more than 350 flights on Monday as disruptions caused by staffing shortages at the big carrier continued for a fourth straight day.
Monday’s performance was an improvement over Sunday, when American scrubbed more than 1,000 flights — more than one-third of its schedule — according to tracking service FlightAware.
KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse opened Monday with the challenging task of seating jurors who hadn’t already made up their minds about the young aspiring police officer who shot two people to death and wounded a third during a night of anti-racism protests in Kenosha last year.
Rittenhouse was 17 when he made the short trip from his home in Illinois, just across the Wisconsin state line, during unrest that broke out in August 2020 after a white Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake, a Black man.