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November is Picture Book Month, and what better way to celebrate than by reading one picture book each day?
Defiance Public Library System’s “Celebrate Picture Books” challenge for all ages will take place Nov. 1-30 on Beanstack: defiancelibrary.beanstack.org. This challenge isn’t just for the kids. Adults can have fun revisiting childhood memories and discovering new gems, and children can enjoy the closeness of reading with a loved one while improving their early literacy skills.
To play, simply read picture books and log your reading using Beanstack or the Beanstack Tracker app (available in the Apple and Google Play stores). Participants will receive one prize-drawing entry for each picture book completed. There will be three prize drawings for gift cards to area businesses throughout the month, and a grand-prize drawing at the end.
The grand-prize winner will receive an original artwork by author/illustrator David LaRochelle, as well as gift cards to area businesses.
Those who need inspiration can find bundles of picture books at all three DPLS locations: Defiance Public Library, Sherwood Branch Library, and Hicksville’s Johnson Memorial Library.
For teens, the TeenTober Book Nerd challenge continues through Nov. 5 (defiancelibrary.org/teentober).ontinue through the end of October.
For more information about all of DPLS’ challenges, programs, and events, visit defiancelibrary.org/calendar or call your library.

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