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Looking for a way to develop skills, expand knowledge, or just immerse yourself in a good book? The Illinois State Alumni Association has all of that covered with its free online book club. Join over 1,100 alumni members to read, discuss and interact through lifelong learning topics that include professional development, fiction, nonfiction, and continuing education options. All books provide a chance of enlightenment, growth, and, sometimes, opportunities to practice new ideas and skills. Participation is free for all alumni.
The next book, The Push by Ashley Audrain, will start on January 6. The Push is a psychological drama about the making and breaking of a family as a woman whose motherhood experience is nothing she expected and everything she feared.
New members can join by December 8 and be automatically entered for a chance to win a copy of the book. Current book club members are encouraged to enter the gievaway through this website by the same date.
There are three main reasons we hope you’ll be excited to participate in our alumni book club:
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