A history of judges wanting to censor LGTBQ+ books – AL DIA News

Judges in Spain have flip flopped on the censor of a number of LGBTQ+ texts. Photo: David McNew/Getty Images.
The censorship came due to a demand from the Christian Lawyers association
A Spanish judge decided to censor 31 LGBTQ+-themed books in 11 schools in the city of Castellón de la Plana. She did it at the request of the Christian Lawyers Association. Now, a city judge has lifted the measure because he does not believe that any of the books violate human rights.
The books promoted inclusion and respect for sexual diversity. The Christian Lawyers Association collected signatures against the distribution of the works in educational centers and later filed a lawsuit in front of a court. The judge agreed and imposed the withdrawal of the books from schools.
But the dispute was not only in the judicial sphere. In the Courts of Valencia, a spokesman showed one of the books entitled Gay Sex and said that works like it take care of self-esteem. At that moment, another of the deputies made fun of him. The authors of several of the books believe minors have the right to adequate training.
However, the Christian Lawyers Association considers that LGBTQ+-themed books are illegal because they resort “to the constant scorn of religions.” But the new judge disagrees. He considers that the law “provides for the existence in public libraries of literary works of the indicated subject” and has lifted the censorship.
Here are some of the censored books.
It reflects the thoughts of its author, Saornil, a libertarian, lesbian, and poet of the feminist and anarchist movements of the 1930s. She died in 1974, but dedicated her life to the anti-fascist struggle and created the organization, Mujeres Libres, which had 20,000 members.
Social media reacts violently every time pop culture is infected by feminism. Princess Leia in Star Wars and Ghostbusters are just a few examples. The book asks who is behind the alt-right and conservatism.
The poet died in March 2017 when she was only 25 years old. Her collection of poems has been published three years after her death. The artist stood out for being an activist, feminist and always vindictive about her causes.
The two authors are referents of the lesbian and feminist collective. With the results of a survey of 5,000 lesbian women in Latin America and Spain, they draw a complete picture of couple relationships, the discovery of love for other women, and the shape of families.