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Darlene Westhelle announces the release of 'Raising the Love-Light of a Child'
OCEAN TOWNSHIP, N.J., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — "One evening, while out to dinner at a busy family restaurant with a loved one, the buzz of activity and the loud constant hum of voices seemed to discourage enjoyable conversation between us, so, instead, we found ourselves engaged in intense observation of the activity around us. Through my work with preschool children, I had already been highly attuned to how our choices of words and our actions potentially affect kids. As if watching a movie that highlighted the diametrically different family dynamics, even more questions emerged in my mind about how each of us perceives love and expresses it in the world.," Darlene Westhelle states.
"Raising the Love-Light of a Child: Supporting the Inherent Brilliance in Kids by Humbly Exploring Our Own Inner Darkness" (published by Balboa Press) asks the readers to compassionately explore every belief, word, action, perception, and system for the potential impact on kids, as well as others in their lives. It also challenges readers to become more aware through meta-thinking, choosing words and actions, based on the loving outcomes they would like to see play out in their worlds and the worlds of the kids. The book's overall purpose is to provoke an exploration of the self by asking questions that challenge the typically unchallenged, unthought-about, programmed responses and contradictions that we communicate to kids every day.
"This is not a how-to book, but rather a simple provocation of thought for the purpose of self-reflection. Prompted by queries and anecdotes, readers will become reacquainted with their own true selves by examining their personal experiences, beliefs, opinions, choices, and conditioning. The responses will be different for everyone, and readers may sometimes find it difficult to face what lurks in their shadows, having not looked before. Defensiveness of old ways may emerge at times, so go ahead and get angry, work it through, place yourself in a neutral space, and read on. By working to raise our own love-lights, we are more likely to create an environment for kids in which all of us could comfortably and confidently be who we are, as we are, optimizing both potential and contribution," Westhelle points out.
When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, Westhelle answers, "First and foremost, to explore love beyond what many of us believe it to be, gaining a deeper, personal understanding of love as a state of being. To become aware of the rote script, autopilot responses and repetitive patterns that we humans perpetuate without much critical thought, for we often don't teach what we think we are teaching kids. To be compassionate with ourselves as we own and unlearn parts of who we think we are. To become aware of ways to strengthen our own love-lights. To recognize that, as part of the growth process, we are continually learning about ourselves and changing, author included, and that is okay, for the past influences the present by way of lessons learned." For more details about the book, please visit
"Raising the Love-Light of a Child: Supporting the Inherent Brilliance in Kids by Humbly Exploring Our Own Inner Darkness"
By Darlene Westhelle
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 374 pages | ISBN 9781982264239
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 374 pages | ISBN 9781982264215
E-Book | 374 pages | ISBN 9781982264222
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
About the Author
Darlene Westhelle has been an early childhood educator for many years. She is also a mom, a grandmother and a certified holistic health coach. Although she had made it her mission early on in her teaching career to work toward preserving the infectious, glowing light in children, a breast cancer journey prompted her to observe with even greater clarity how the subtle messages—the rote, programmed, unquestioned scripts and the learned patterns that she, and others, receive and perpetuate with kids — may contribute to dimming that vibrant light over time. Engaging in and learning about clean eating, yoga, metaphysics, remote energy healing, and other spiritual tools from various teachers seemed to have lifted a veil from her eyes as she changed the energy that she fed her own body. Through her humble self-reflection, anecdotal examples, questions and imperfections, Westhelle provokes other mentors of children to bring forth their own true light by also examining the deep meaning of love and how their programming sometimes opposes it in daily interactions.
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