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NORFOLK, Neb. (KTIV) – A non-profit in Norfolk, Nebraska is bringing in a program to help local families get access to free children’s books.
“Read Aloud Norfolk” is bringing Dolly Parton’s “Imagination Library” to town.
The “Imagination Library” mails free books, month by month, to the family’s home for free. Families can register their kids as soon as they’re born. Kids will get the free, age-appropriate books in the mail until their 5th birthday.
“Read Aloud” organizers say it’s a great way to full their mission, which is to promote healthy children and families through reading aloud.
“It’s an easy way for us to get a lot of books into the hands of children which again is something we’ve been trying to do and have been doing for quite a number of years and it really fulfills our mission,” said Mark Claussen, president of “Read Aloud Norfolk.”
The director of the Norfolk Public Library serves on the board of “Read Aloud Norfolk.” She says this is a great opportunity for the city.
“We know that the number one most important thing for kids to be successful in school is to be read to from a young age early and often. So having books in the home certainly facilitates that reading aloud with children, which we know is so important,” said Jessica Chamberlain, Library Director for Norfolk Public Library.
If you live in Norfolk and would like to register for the “Imagination Library,” follow this link. Or, you can head over to the Norfolk Public Library and fill out a registration form.
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