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West Seattle, Washington
You’ve probably heard a lot this year about 30th anniversaries of Seattle grunge milestones. In some cases, that evokes the question, “Where are they now?” You’ll find some answers in a new book – published today – by West Seattle photographer/author Mike Hipple, Lived Through That: 90s Musicians Today.” Hipple, who lives in Arbor Heights, explains, “It’s a portrait-heavy exploration of some of my favorite musical artists from the ’90s and what they’re up to these days. I wanted to see where these people are today, what their stories are, how their lives have changed since their 90s heyday and introduce readers to some bands they maybe haven’t heard of. I traveled all over the United States and Britain tracking down the artists, photographing them, and hearing their stories and I’m excited to share them. There are quite a few Seattle folks in there as well.” Including one from right here in our back yard – Chris Ballew (aka Caspar Babypants):

Hipple’s book is available through Paper Boat Booksellers, where you can meet him and get your copy signed this Saturday (October 23) at 1 pm. This is his second book; three years ago he published “80s Redux,” focusing on music from that decade.
Awesome work Mike! Way to go. 
I like Caspar, he has a nice voice.

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