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Whether you actually read them or just like to look at them, you can’t go wrong with any of these tomes featuring the best of fashion, photography, art, design, and travel.
Books are great. But coffee table books are, arguably, even better. To clarify, they are books that are specially designed just to be beautiful and pleasant to look. Good for reading? Check. Good strictly as decor? Check. Good as a gift for just about anyone? Check. Further, there’s an oversized coffee table book for almost any hobby, interest, or niche. From fashion to cars, and from history to some of the best photography of all time, there’s a tome for that. Yes, your coffee table is stunning, but it would be even more wonderful with a stack of these books atop it. We’ve rounded up 26 of the most chic coffee table books for a stack that is sure to delight both you and your house guests.

Assouline does decorative books like no other. They carry editions of these books for just about any locale you can imagine, but of course, we’re a little partial to New York… 
It’s all in the name. This book is filled with more than 150 of Oscar Abolafia’s portraits of some of the most iconic characters of our time, including Diana Ross, Elvis Presley, and Jack Nicholson.  
For the interior decorator who’s nostalgic for a bygone era, this immersive photography book captures the essence of the West Coast’s skate culture in the late 1970s. 

For a table book with a historical element, Wolfgang Wild and Jordan Lloyd crafted these colorized renditions of some of the most legendary photos in history that have previously only been seen in black and white. 
You are what you read, right? Interior designer Miles Redd put together this collection of some of his most fabulous, unique projects. 
Wanderlust warning! Peruse these pages filled with far away, exotic locations and perhaps you’ll get inspired to plan a trip. 
Originally published in 2004, this updated telling offers a glance into the archives and inner-workings of one of the most iconic designers, looking at the brand as it’s passed through different leaders (founder Louis his son Georges, and his grandson Gaston).  
Music lovers will geek out over this book, which showcases some of the most captivating records of the last century and their relationship to art—sometimes through cover art, sometimes not. It includes reproductions of more than 200 LP records. 
The lure of private clubs remains as illustrious as ever. But for those who might not be able to live that dream, this book will let you live vicariously through all of the regaling of tales from one of Philadelphia’s most exclusive spots. 
What room couldn’t benefit from a dose of girl power? This beautifully illustrated book tells the stories of 100 incredible women throughout history. Some of the names are easily recognized, but there might be a few you’ve never heard of.  
Arjé Home is doing the work for you with their curated book stacks. Offered in a variety of color coordinated schemes, you can select whichever best matches your desired aesthetic. 
True New Yorkers see and love the city for all it is. And that’s exactly what Julia Wertz encapsulates in this visually pleasing book that also happens to be full of history, fun facts, and relatable NYC content. 
The soul, R&B, and funk genres, groundbreaking for their time, changed the course of music history. Their influences can be found in much of today’s hit music, too. If you’re interested in music history and the cultures surrounding the soul, R&B, and funk genres, there’s no better way to examine them than through the lens of iconic photographer Bruce Talamon, who was deeply connected to the scene. 
This book contains some of the most elusive and rare paintings by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Many of them were previously lost, held in private collections, or otherwise never seen before. 
Speaking of outstanding women creatives, Annie Leibovitz is known to be one of the most phenomenal photographers of her generation. These portraits are only going to increase in value. 
So it might not contain any historical facts or intellectual discourse, but who wouldn’t flip through this book full of some very photogenic pups. 
Now that the taboos around cannabis are dissipating, there’s a whole new realm of artistry and creativity to be explored. 
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What happens when you start a conversation about creativity with nearly 50 highly creative people in industries such as painters, furniture designers, and advertisers? An incredible read. 

These glamorous portraits of celebrities at the airport might just inspire you to wear something other than joggers on your next flight. Maybe.  
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With an ever-growing cultural emphasis on wellness and self-care, Be Well examines these things and importance of wellness while showcasing some of the most amazing spa experiences around the world. 
The woman who needs no introduction. Rihanna went from standard pop singer to cultural hero. Now, fans will take whatever look into her world that they can get. She so generously graced them with an entire book, and as usual, she does not disappoint. 
A pool’s art potential did not end with Nirvana’s Nevermind album cover. These photos capture the aesthetic, frivolity, and sexiness of swimming pools. 
Any gearhead would be elated to adorn their coffee table with this book documenting some of the dreamiest cars. 
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It’s only one of the most famous properties of all time. This book documents the ever-opulent, oh-so-decadent Château de Versailles. 
Ralph Lauren is not only a fashion legend, but also an American icon. His designs are part of the classic Americana style we know and love. See his story from his own eyes in this book. 
Ah, to be a member of cafe society. Aristrocrats Daisy and Fred de Cabrol wined and dined with some of the twentieth century’s most powerful and fabulous people. Here, the Baron’s scrapbooks—yes, he scrapbooked!—are recreated to illustrate the glitzy shimmer of cafe society. Maybe this is merely an aspirational read, but it’s a good one at that.