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At times when you don’t know what to draw, nature is often the best muse. However, if you’re not familiar with how to draw trees or flowers, plants can be daunting to approach. Luckily, you don’t need a drawing class to get started. You can just as easily take charge of your creative journey by picking up an educational how-to-draw book.
We’ve selected five illustrated guides that demonstrate how to capture a variety of different plant life, from lush bouquets to majestic trees to entire landscapes. Rachel Reinert’s book In Bloom, for example, shows students how to create their own flower drawings using real-life models as well as the ones provided in the book. Similarly, Drawing Trees by William Powell is the ideal guide to learning how to render tall and mighty trees.
See our selection of nature drawing books, below.
Rachel Reinert | $18.35
In Bloom covers more than 30 flowers from around the world, including tulips, roses, violets, and tiger lilies. The step-by-step tutorials have clear instructions that will make the learning process not only a breeze, but also a delight.
Lee J. Ames, P. Lee Ames | $9.19
Artist and author Lee J. Ames is well-known for his series of Draw 50 books. This one delves into the world of plants, providing 50 step-by-step tutorials on how to draw different kinds of flowers, trees, and other plants.
William F. Powell | $10.07
Walter Foster Publishing is synonymous with fantastic drawing guides, and this one by William F. Powell is no different. Inside the book are numerous step-by-step lessons on how to draw tree trunks, branches and boughs, root patterns, foliage textures, fallen trees, and more. By the time you reach the back cover, you will have familiarized yourself with all of the fundamentals of drawing trees.
Jack Hamm | $16.56
After you know how to draw plants, learning how to render a landscape can be an entirely new challenge. Well, this book by Jack Hamm will make it easier with tips on how to create successful compositions and a guide to essential scenery techniques.
Markus S. Agerer, Paul Ronning | $11.99
Start Drawing Landscapes explains the basics of drawing, perspective representation, and composition. Additionally, it will show students how to draw—and later combine—different elements of a landscape, such as trees, buildings, water, and more.
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