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King City — Me Memorial Healthcare Systems doctors will host two books for local youth this week, launching a series of celebrations before National Rural Health Day in November.
Dr. Joshua Doichu, a family doctor at Me Memorial in King City and Greenfield, has written 10 children’s books created for free distribution in the agricultural community.
“Some of his books are languageless, allowing indigenous language-speaking and non-reading parents to read aloud to their children at bedtime,” says Me Memorial. The book deals with important health-related themes such as nutrition, physical activity, and diabetes, as well as the character of indigenous and Latin American descendants.
Reading in Germany is scheduled for Thursday, October 7th, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, at Vineyard Green Townhomes, 130, 13th Avenue, Greenfield. 1201 Amherst Dr. King City from 5pm to 6pm on Friday, October 8th. At Villa San Miguel.
Both locations are after-school groups for young people provided by Sol Treasures, a CHISPA community service partner who offers both face-to-face art classes and art kits for after-school activities. Groups usually consist of about 16 to 24 children aged 7 to 12 years.
Germany has formed the non-profit Justice with Health to manage book programs and other planned initiatives. In August, as part of his opening launch, he distributed 18,000 books to Me Memorial, Natividard Medical Center, Arisal Clinic, and Turo Medical School for about $ 1 each.
This program takes advantage of economies of scale to reduce costs and enable health centers to distribute books at affordable prices. In addition, the book can be downloaded for free from.
The third Thursday of November each year is designed to highlight rural communities as a great place to live and work, raise awareness of rural health issues and facilitate the efforts of organizations to address these issues. increase.
As the only comprehensive medical service within 40 miles of King City’s location, the Me Memorial Healthcare System will celebrate National Rural Health Day with neighboring countries on Thursday, November 18th.
This year’s theme is “Celebrating the Power of the Country”, with plans to celebrate the community-oriented spirit of the American countryside. According to Me Memorial, “There are many benefits to living in rural areas, including less noise, higher privacy, closer proximity to nature and a stronger sense of community.”
As part of these efforts, Me Memorial has launched a poster contest for all South Monterey County public and private students from kindergarten to grade 12. Poster submissions should reflect the 2021 theme.
Prizes will be awarded not only to individuals but also to the classroom in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Winners will be announced on November 18th, Rural Health Day.
Entries will be accepted until Friday, November 12th. Students must email the photo or PDF to. [email protected] Or via US mail (postmarked before November 12): 1320-B Main St. , # 235 Salinas, CA93901-2109.
“An estimated 57 million people (nearly one in five Americans) live in rural areas of the United States,” Me Memorial said in a news release. “Many of these rural communities face a variety of barriers that adversely affect their overall physical, social and mental health.”
According to statistics, 25% of Americans live in rural areas, but only 10% of doctors practice in rural areas, and about 20% of rural counties, according to statistics, according to the National Rural Health Association. , Not just basic mental health services, but everything. Over the last 25 years, more than 500 local hospitals have been closed nationwide.
To better prepare local health leaders for the future, the National Community Health Association has launched a CEO accreditation program. Among the 26 graduates in September was Lena Sala Macha, CEO of Me Memorial.
“Successful local hospital CEOs have developed programs that help current local hospital CEOs strengthen their leadership skills and lead hospitals to success,” said Mee Memorial.
Mee Memorial doctor reads to youth in Greenfield, King City – Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Mee Memorial doctor reads to youth in Greenfield, King City – Salinas Valley Tribune