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SHOUTIN’ IN THE FIRE: An American Epistle, by Dante Stewart. (Convergent, $25.) A theologian reflects on race and religion in America, writing about his experiences in largely white spaces at Clemson University and at an evangelical church in Augusta, Ga.
THE BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE AND NATURE WRITING 2021, edited by Ed Yong. (Mariner, paper, $16.99.) In this collection, the star Atlantic writer gathers the best science writing and reporting from 2020, taking stock of how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world.
THE GILDED PAGE: The Secret Lives of Medieval Manuscripts, by Mary Wellesley. (Basic, $18.99.) A historian examines the origins and maintenance of famous manuscripts, revealing the pivotal work of binders, scribes and dedicated women in keeping the work of many celebrated writers and thinkers from ruin.
SHELF LIFE: Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller, by Nadia Wassef. (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $27.) In 2002, as Egypt recorded all-time high illiteracy rates, Wassef opened an independent bookstore in its capital. In this debut, she recounts the lessons of the early days, the bookstore’s impassioned regulars, and the many, many men who doubted her.
These middle grade and picture books include a remix of familiar fairy tales, a dog gone missing, a 12-year-old’s move to Florida and two baby chicks orphaned by a dust storm.
Here are four new children’s books that I recommend →
BEASTS AND BEAUTY: Dangerous Tales, by Soman Chainani. Illustrated by Julia Iredale. (Harper, ages 10 and up, $17.99.) The “School for Good and Evil” author remixes 12 fairy tales in this middle grade volume — mirrors of ones once told to him, “reflected back with rage, mercy, love and joy.”
ANTONIA: A Journey to a New Home, by Dipacho. (Maria Russo/Minedition, ages 4 to 8, $18.99.) This bittersweet picture book about a dog gone missing and a little girl who must continue along her way marks the U.S. debut of an award-winning Colombian author and illustrator.
CUBA IN MY POCKET, by Adrianna Cuevas. (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, ages 8 to 12, $16.99.) After the Bay of Pigs invasion, a 12-year-old Cuban boy is sent by his family to live in Florida, in hopes of a better future, in this middle grade historical novel by the author of “The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez.”
ONCE UPON A CAMEL, by Kathi Appelt. Illustrated by Eric Rohmann. (Caitlyn Dlouhy/Atheneum, ages 8 to 12, $17.99.) In this middle grade novel, an elderly camel brings two baby chicks to safety, distracting them with tales of her life as one of nine racing camels gifted by a Turkish pasha to the U.S. Army.
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