Author Renee Kumor to hold book signing for latest 3 books –

Author Renee Kumor has added three books to her River Bend Chronicles series. 
A book-signing and discussion will be held Thursday, Oct. 7 at 5:30 p.m. at The Brandy Bar, 504 Seventh Ave. E. in Hendersonville to bring fans and new readers up to date.
A fourth title may be published by early October, Kumor said, and possibly a new publisher will take over. This and other breaking news will be shared at the event.
Kumor will read excerpts from her new titles, have books available for purchase and sign books upon request. The event is open to the public at no charge, and The Brandy Bar will have beverages and snacks for purchase. 
All of the stories in the River Bend Chronicles take place in the fictional small-town community of River Bend, a place not very different from the small town where Kumor has lived for 40 years. 
Since her last book-signing event, for “Girlfight” in 2019, three new volumes have been added to her list of cozy mysteries: “Decorating for Death,” “Where is She Now?” and “Broken Hearts, Broken Promises” – titles Kumor will discuss at the book-signing.  
Kumor’s ongoing saga in her 17-volume River Bend Chronicles includes whodunit mysteries and, frequently, passionate alliances, all within the circumspect world of nonprofit organizations.
Described in the trade as “cozy mysteries,” also referred to as “cozies,” Kumor’s style is in a subgenre of crime fiction often described as “gentle” crime novels. Those who haven’t yet been introduced to her unique storyline will be rewarded at the upcoming event with her insights and personal reflections of how she comes up with her cast of characters and situations.
Kumor’s publisher is Absolutely Amazing eBooks. Her books are available through independent bookstores and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets in hard copy, paperback and e-book versions. The Henderson County Public Library also carries Kumor’s books. 
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