Kingsport Men's Book Club members share love of reading – Kingsport Times News

Submitted by Scott Macdonald
The first discussion of the Kingsport Men’s Book Club took place in 2000 with original members Fred Mishkin, Greg Rasmussen, Terry Arnold and Frank Johnstone.
For years, the club met at each of their homes monthly. Later, some meetings were conducted at local restaurants. During COVID times, the club has switched to Zoom, which has enabled members who have moved from the area to rejoin.
Currently, there are 17 members.
The club reads a mixture of nonfiction (80%) and fiction (20%). A sample of past authors includes Edgar Allen Poe, Bill O’Reilly, Charles Dickens, Thomas Wolfe, John Steinbeck, Ron Rash, Bill Bryson, Malcolm Gladwell, David McCullough and Doris Goodwin.
Discussions start with a review of the author’s background by the person who recommended the book. The books can be obtained from the library, e-books, audio books, print books and independent book sellers. Meetings last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours monthly.
The Kingsport Men’s Book Club has an unlimited number of books for future meetings, and encourages others to pick up a book and read.
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