readers share the best books they read during summer 2021 –

By Dialynn Dwyer
Once again, reading proved to be the perfect summer escape. 
We asked readers to share the best books they read during the season, and they responded by offering more than 100 recommended titles.
As Alicia from Taunton noted, reading was the perfect activity to embrace as the highly contagious delta variant dashed plans for a carefree “hot vax summer.”
“With concerns still about socializing, if it wasn’t too hot to be out in my garden, I hid in the house escaping in a good book,” Alicia wrote to us.
Per the submissions we received, readers overwhelmingly enjoyed reading fiction during our second pandemic summer. The selections ranged from beach reads to historical fiction to classics like Dante’s “Inferno.” And unlike last summer, there was very little overlap in the recommendations, with only a few titles recommended by more than one reader.
Below, explore the books your fellow readers couldn’t put down and that they recommend for your own “to be read” pile. 
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