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Hey Greenpoint! The neighborhood is getting a new comic book store called Hey Kids Comics! (157 Huron St.), opening on October 1st on Huron between Franklin and Manhattan, next to Esme and across from Archestratus.
Not only is Hey Kids Comics! a cool addition to the neighborhood, but the store also has an inspiring backstory. It all started in October 2020 with a father and son bookselling operation on the streets of Greenpoint. The duo dragged boxes of comics and graphic novels out to a popular corner of Franklin Street and spent days discussing comics with kids and grown ups alike.
When winter came, the father and son team took their initiative indoors and started a subscription service, offering their top picks for the best new graphic novel each month, designed for readers ages 6-10. They also offered a members-only zine featuring articles and activities tied to each month’s selection. Contributors have included amazing artists like Johnny Sampson, Josh Bayer, Lauren McCallister, James Romberger, Matt Feazell, Matthew Shultz, Hyena Hell, Max de Radigués, and Gabe Soria.
The community responded so favorably that the pair decided to open up a brick and mortar shop. The name of the store, Hey Kids Comics!, pays homage to the spinner racks that used to sell comics in convenience stores. Signage on the racks shouted “HEY KIDS,” and “COMICS!” Millions of American children spun those racks, stopping whenever they spotted some artwork that spoke to them or a story that offered unparalleled adventure. 
The owners of Greenpoint’s new store hope to recapture a bit of the magic that kids felt at the spinner racks by helping guide people toward what they think are the best comics and graphic novels out there. The store will offer a tightly-curated selection of titles organized by subject, including sections devoted to humor, adventure, fantasy, true stories, spooky stuff, historical fiction, and yes, even superheroes.
Hey Kids Comics! will also feature a selection of how-to books for young writers and artists alongside art supplies. Plus, the subscription box will still be available with the added bonus of an in-store pickup option. 
To celebrate the store’s opening weekend, on October 2nd from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m., Hey Kids Comics! will be hosting a signing event with comic creator Steve Foxe, writer of the forthcoming kids graphic novel “Spider Ham: Great Power, No Responsibility.” 
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