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English is one of the crucial subjects in Class 10 and doing well in this subject gives students a way ahead in getting a good percentage. Being the primary subject, English acts as a deciding factor in your ranking too. Apart from practicing grammar, comprehension, and enhancing reading and writing skills, students must focus on the literature aspect of English too. Often, students tend to neglect this part thinking that they will cover it up right before the exam. Yet, studying it right from the start gives any student an upper hand, ahead of the others, as they know crucial points and have the habit of writing answers.
The Literature syllabus consists of four entire textbooks with separate sets of poems, proses, fiction writing, and extra studying textbooks. All of these together as a whole help enrich the student’s depth in Literature. These four parts are:
1) The CBSE Class 10 English reader with fourteen chapters in total. The first six chapters fall under fiction, the six chapters after this fall under poetry, and the last two fall under drama.
2) CBSE Class 10 First Flight comprises of ten Poems and Proses each.
3) CBSE Class 10 Footprint Without Feet, the supplementary reader, consists of ten chapters, all of which fall under prose.
4) Extending Reading text where the school gets to choose between two options for the students.
How to start with Footprints Without Feet?
If you are wondering how to start with the supplementary textbook, then the ncert solutions for class 10 english footprints without feet will come to good use.
Often you might find it an exhausting task to go through your NCERT readers and the additional textbook, all of them together. The solutions for supplementary readers can come to your rescue during these dire times.
The NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Footprints Without Feet are a helpful resource for the students. These solutions are available online, and you can download them with just a click. When you want a helping hand that will guide you through your supplementary book, these concise and crisp solutions are helpful.
What are the benefits of using NCERT Solutions Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet?
After going through your supplementary reader, you can refer to these online downloadable NCERT Solutions for your own benefit. Some of the reasons why you can refer to these solutions are as follows:
1) These solutions act as a good guide – These solutions are easy-to-understand and comprehensible guides. The book consists of concise notes from each of the ten chapters. It also has highlights and vital points from all the chapters. All the concepts in the books are explained beautifully via these solutions. Apart from that, it also contains the answers to all the exercises of the NCERT supplementary reader. Hence, it acts as a good guide for students to follow as all the available materials help students understand and study faster in a better way.
2) Helps students understand the chapters better – As all the contents in the NCERT solutions are in simple words, students can understand the crux and retain it faster. Students seem to comprehend all the chapters through these solutions. If the student has already gone through Footprints Without Feet once, the solutions will help the students identify the crucial points in the lessons and need more attention.
3) Helps practicing answers – These solutions provide the answers to all the exercises present in the NCERT supplementary reader. These answers act as a blueprint for the students who find it hard to write answers by themselves. Once they understand how the experts have written the answers in these solutions, they will learn the writing style they need to develop. Soon, as students start answer writing, they can refer to these solutions to check if they have framed their answers correctly and if it needs further polishing that these solutions provide.
4) Helps to retain what the students learned – As the solutions highlight the crucial points, it is easier for students to remember the vital points for the exams. Students can easily incorporate all these points into their answers without forgetting them. Hence, the crucial highlights of all the chapters become an essential resource that helps the students take their preparations one step forward.
5) These solutions also help with revision – Right before the exam, there are so many chapters from all the textbooks that students face difficulty revising them. Yet, if you follow these NCERT Solutions, it will help you at the end when you are sitting to revise. You can go through the crucial points, the answers to the questions, and the concise summary of the chapters.
6) Saves a lot of time – These solutions save time during studying and revising. Students who use these solutions can easily understand the texts. These NCERT solutions will also clear any doubt that the students have while learning the chapters. Even during answer practicing, it acts as a helping hand and speeds up the process for the students. During revision, students will recall everything just by going through these solutions. Hence, these solutions help save a lot of time and speed up the process for the students.
The online world has a lot to offer when it comes to education. Students can make the best use of all the free and available online resources for their exams and excel in them. These NCERT Solutions are resources that all students can avail themselves and use like their guidebooks. These are handy for revisions and recalling crucial points. Hence, students can take their preparation a level higher with these resources. Just ensure you study them alongside your textbooks, keeping your primary focus on the NCERT books. If you do this, no one can stop you from scoring good marks in your exams! All the best!
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